Mirrored vision board "On the cloud", Dreams come true


A glamorous vision board with a mirror will make you feel like you are surrounded with dreams. Just one look, and you will be in your dreams. The beautiful frame will make this art project unique.

Dreams come true vision board video for kickstarter
Bulb shaped  vision board "DREAMS COME TRUE"

Bulb shaped vision board

let yourself imagine your own unique, fantastic future, without any limitations or rules. Be bold! Be bright! Be creative!

Kids vision board "Ladybug", Dreams come true

Kids vision board "Ladybug"

The magical dream board "Ladybug" will make all kindly and treasured dreams come true. We choose the most popular kids' dreams to help you get an idea and get started.

100 Dream Ideas

Choose your dreams properly and follow them. We give you so many ideas how to dream.

Mirrored vision board "Big star", Dreams come true

"Dreams come true" vision board

Dreamers don't have ages. This vision board will suit every positive person from 15 to 115 years.

Mirrored vision board "Big star"

"Dreams come true" glass vision board

Magical vision board has the sparkling glitter effect. If you are planning to be bright, to be a star, when this is the vision board for you.