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Christina Aguilera: talent, glamour, and vision

Christina Aguilera: talent, glamour, and vision

There are some women that just seem to be able to make it happen – they dream big, work hard, and make their dreams come true. Some of these women we know of because they are very accomplished, glamorous, and famous. Even though their lives may look amazing now, their lives weren’t always easy.

Christina Aguilera is one such example. She is beautiful, has been blessed with an incredible voice, has won many awards, and acted in tv and movies. She seems to have it all.                                                                               

Even though she is leading a very glamorous life right now, Christina’s childhood was not easy. Her parents split up when she was a young girl. She has said that her father was abusive not only to her mother but unfortunately to Christina, as well. She watched as her mother, Shelly, had to be submissive to her father to survive and try to avoid the abuse. Finally, Christina’s mother decided to leave her husband, to protect her children and herself.

Although the experiences she went through in her childhood were tragic, it has made Christina strong and determined. Christina never gave up on her dream of being a famous singer. In fact, her drive to be a success started when she was very young - she even won her first talent show at 8 years old!

Her path to success has been paved by her talent, determination, hard work, and the fact that she always believed it would happen. She never gave up. She envisioned it, knew she could succeed and made it happen!

Even when I was little, I knew I was meant to perform. I would watch specials on TV or videos of Janet or Whitney, and I would start crying because I was like "I want that so bad!"

CHRISTINA AGUILERA, Allure Magazine, Apr. 16, 2002

Christina has said that her mother quit college when her parents got married, giving up on her dreams for her husband. Realizing the sacrifices her mother made, Christina was determined not to let anyone dissuade her from her goals, not to compromise who she is to any man, and to always be able to financially take care of herself and her children. She has learned this strength from her mother. She strives to accomplish her dreams, not only for herself but also for her mother, who never got the chance to go after her dreams.

One of the things that people love about Christina Aguilera is her empowering views on women. She highly advocates for women to be comfortable in their own skin, and that it’s okay to be imperfect and different. Appreciate your imperfections, for they make you, you! Make the time to take care of yourself and be kind to yourself. Get back in touch with your inner child and figure out who you are again…and what you want.

By reminding ourselves of our beauty, our unique qualities and strengths, we can have the confidence to pursue our dreams and goals for our future, just like Christina did. Take the time to think about what you want for yourself in your life.

Christina has journaled and created collages since she was very young. This is a very powerful way to project your hopes, dreams, and goals. She was really creating her very own vision board by listing all her feelings and desires for her future on paper. She achieved her dreams – even starting from a difficult childhood, envisioning the life she wanted, and created this successful career that enables her to achieve all her goals, and life an extraordinary, glamorous life.

Christina Aguilera envisioned herself as becoming a big star by dreaming big, and you can, too. So, what are your goals? What does it look like to have all your dreams come true? Dreams do come true! So, invest time in yourself, think about your dreams, be inspired!

Remember, dreams do come true! Always! 

Lynda Spencer

Why me:

I would love to be considered for this project. Ironically, I am in the process of creating my own vision board. While mine is rather primitive compared to the beautiful images on your website. I am a huge believer in the power of vision boards! The one I created for myself is helping me in my recovery. I am in the process of healing from a rare neurological condition that left me suddenly unable to walk. So, in addition to my recovery through physical therapy, I am working on my psychological recovery. My vision board helps me focus on envisioning getting out of my wheelchair and walking unassisted again. It is working very well, as I am progressing every week in walking and getting stronger every day. I know that creating and focusing on my dreams on my vision board is helping me reach my goal of healing my body and walking again!
I would love to hear more about this opportunity, and how I could help you get it completed.
Lynda Spencer (writer and creator) 


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