Mirrored vision board "Big star", original version


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Mirrored vision board "Big star"
Mirrored vision board "Big star" interior
100 dreams ideas

  •  “Big Star” vision board set contains the following:
  • Glass vision board, with a mirrored background, 21.5” x 21.5”
  • Set of 100 beautiful dream idea circles (diameter of 4”) to help you express your dream through the images they represent
  • The instructions on “How to dream?” and create your very own personalized vision board   
  • Transparent tape 3M scotch  (3/4IN*250IN)

    Glass vision board with mirror will make your feeling like you surrounded with dreams. Just one look and you will be in your dreams. The beautiful star will make this art project unique.                                                                                            

    What is your big dream? Do you want to become a big star in your field, in your life, in the lives of others? Do you want to write a book, have your own TV show, start your own business, or become wealthy? Create your own Big Star vision board, showing the achievement of your dreams. Dream BIG and choose the images that represent the future you want to make your “dreams come true!” 

    Spend time looking at your beautiful "Big Star" vision board and envision that these things have already happened. Feel how thrilled and satisfied you will be having become your own version of a Big Star! You can easily create it, hang it on your wall, then look at it daily (or more often!) and see your dreams being realized!

    With a beautiful mirrored background, polished frame, a big star in the center, and the images you’ve chosen to show your dream coming true, it will motivate you every day to accomplish your dreams!

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      Mirrored vision board "Big star"
      Mirrored vision board "Big star" interior
      100 dreams ideas

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